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The Future of Halloween

October 24 2008 / by Aspirational1 / In association with Future
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Cross-posted from Forward Online

Just a quickie for fun… what is the future of Halloween?

This article from PRNewsNow points to the ongoing trend of Halloween being more of an adult celebration than a time of enjoyment for children. Reason: The “Baby Boomers,” who are the “never-grow-old” generation, have made it such, desiring to remain young and re-create the fun they had at Halloween as children. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that they are the demographic with the financial resources to generate a market for costumes, party items, decorations, food and Halloween treats, etc. As the article states:

“When it comes to retail spending and the holidays, Halloween ranks only second to Christmas. A $5 billion industry and growing, 60 percent of consumers reported taking part in some type of Halloween celebration in 2007 and spending an estimated $1.82 billion in costumes alone, according to the National Retail Federation.”

However, the present financial crisis makes it harder for “luxury items” and non-essentials to thrive; they’re always the first to go when people are hit hard in the wallet. If this economic downturn is long-term (as it appears to be), will Halloween – and possibly Christmas – return to being a family-oriented holiday that, along with other emerging social factors, works to change the fabric of society in favor of close-knit relationships? Our holidays and traditions are often an expression of the values we hold as a society, and can in turn reinforce those values. Will changing holiday traditions restore the concept of the “neighborhood” as a catalyst for social cohesion, trust, and a stability that could transform the quality of life within our cities? Without all the adult parties taking place, the inviting porch lights could be turned on again on All Hallows Eve, welcoming children and their families to make positive and relationship-building contact with one another. (This scenario has been brought to you by the unofficial organization for global resession “silver linings.”)

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