Space Program Reinvigorated with Expansive Space-based Solar Energy Policy

December 24 2008 / by Adam Cutsinger
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Many people will say that pursuing a space-based solar power energy campaign is too ambitious, that there are more immediate solutions to get us through our economic/energy crisis until a time when spaced-aged, science fiction-inspired future tech can be safely explored further.  They might say that we already have a head start with nuclear, oil and coal, as well as other greener alternatives like wind, water and Earthbound solar.  They would be dead wrong.  The truth is...

...we already have our foot in the door of the spaced-based solar sector.  It’s just not common knowledge throughout the world, or the US.

Businesses and governments have been launching solar-powered satellites for decades.  It’s high time Earthlings channeled this energy into the grid, turned it into usable electricity here on the surface, and began building up the orbiting solar assemblage to increase it’s ability to replace the non-green energy sources to which we are currently tethered.

The National Space Society has submitted a 75-page PDF Phase 0 Architecture Feasibility Study to the National Security Space Office detailing an ultramodern strategy.  Japan's JAXA has set a date to test a microwave power transmission system early next year, and the Obama administration has already/finally shown an interest in following suit.


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  1. Looks like Dyson may be right that we’re destined to create an energy soaking sphere around the sun, starting with just a few solar panels up in orbit.

    Posted by: Alvis Brigis   December 26, 2008
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