Brookings Institute proposes new R&D framework with Energy Discovery-Innovation Institutes

February 10 2009 / by Garry Golden / In association with Future
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brookings blueprint

The Brookings Institute has released a report: "Energy Discovery-Innovation Institutes:
A Step Towards America's Energy Sustainability"[PDF]
that proposes a new structure for innovation around a national network of regionally based energy Discovery-Innovation Institutes (e-DIIs) 'to serve as the hubs of a distributed research network linking the nation’s best scientists, engineers, and facilities.'

Committing Ourselves to Enabling Disruptive Science & Technologies
Given the dynamics of the global energy sector we can expect that nothing is going to change quickly, but when changes do happen - they could be potentially disruptive to how we produce, store and distributed energy.

Incremental solutions are not going to solve US or Global energy and environmental challenges.  We must enable disruptive science and technologies that can 'do more with less' in fundamentally new ways.   While we cannot pick winners, it is clear that the cross-disciplinary nature of science at the nanoscale will be paramount in all areas of energy from making hydrocarbons cleaner, lowering the costs of renewables, scaling up next generation bioenergy solutions, managing 'smarter grids', and creating storage solutions.  Maybe a new framework for research collaboration is what we need to enable the 'new energy economy'!

via Breakthrough Institute

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  1. Right on. Deliberate distributed innovation seems like a logical way to move forward in the age of convergence. You are right in that we can not predict winners, we need to grow them and make more use of the Evo phase space at our disposal to best mine for new solutions. It’s the very necessary social/institution side of acceleration reacting realities of complex tech generation. Nice to see this discussion taking place. I expect more such policy proposals across many fields during this big economic correction.

    Posted by: Alvis Brigis   February 10, 2009
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