Awesome New Infrared Camera, Cloak of Darkness Loses Potency

April 02 2008 / by Accel Rose / In association with Future
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NEC has unveiled a powerful new infrared camera that can extrapolate the thermal signatures of objects with absolutely no light present – a big breakthrough that will result in vastly better night-vision for consumers everywhere.

Showcased at the 2008 Security Show in Tokyo, the new HX0830M1 camera has been a bit hit due to the “variety of applications including security- for intruder detection, disaster relief- for searching for victims; and vision enhancement- for use in aircraft, ships, and motor vehicles”, according to Diginfonews .

Further adding to the appeal, the HX0830M1 can be used to collect temperature distribution data, which will help to keep people out of harm’s way “in high voltage environments or very high places”.

To truly grasp the night-time resolution enabled by this new product, you’ve gotta wath the following video:

It’s only a matter of time until we, or our robotic self-driving cars, will employ such infrared technology to augment our vision whenever we encounter darkness. In which case it seems like darkness itself, barring deliberate obfuscation, may be on the way out.

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