Your Brain: the War Machine

September 04 2008 / by John Heylin / In association with Future
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The Army recently awarded a team of UC Irvine researchers a $4 million dollar grant to study the foundations of synthetic telepathy, a new practice that monitors brain patterns and mental images via a central computer which then deciphers the information, transforming it into actual machine-readable data. In other words, your thoughts would be captured and translated by the computer which, much like Twitter, would then distribute them to others you’re wishing to contact.

The practical implications of this technology, when fully operational, are amazing, as are the military applications. When it comes to war, one of the few constants throughout the centuries, be it in Roman times or even today, is the lack of quick and reliable communication. Effectively deployed synthetic telepathy would basically eliminate the inefficiencies of communication in the field. Any army in possession of this kind of technology would enjoy a tremendous advantage.

Commanders in the field would be able to look at a map, decide which units should be deployed where, what their function would be, and instantaneously send messages to relevant sub-commanders or even individual soldiers with their orders. Instant responses from teams in the field reporting locations of mine fields, mobilizing enemy forces, or potential weak positioning points would afford any commander equipped to receive and process this information in real-time such a strategic advantage that opposing them would seem almost futile.

The potential uses of this technology would give the military such an advantage over any adversary that war itself may soon be an antiquated practice. In a sense, war will be between the haves and the have-nots. How could anyone, nation or individual, hope to compete against such a force?

Image: Gaetan Lee (Flickr,CC-Attribution)

Comment Thread (4 Responses)

  1. And I thought infrared technology already put the military a step above the average Joe. Cripes.

    Posted by: martymcfly   September 04, 2008
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  2. Alright, well, then I guess we better get this revolution going soon…

    Posted by: Bogey156   September 04, 2008
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  3. Martymcfly, don’t tell Al-Qaeda that, they almost threatened to topple the U.S led military incursion into Iraq… It really doesn’t matter how much technology you have. Insurgencies are difficult to fight. It’s going to cost us 3 trillion dollars to defeat them. That’s a lot of money fighting people in deserts who only have RPGs and AK’s.

    If the “average Joe,” and I really loathe that term by the way, obtained military type training and weaponery and had superior numbers, they can pose a grave threat.

    Posted by: Covus   September 04, 2008
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    Posted by: John Heylin   September 22, 2008
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