Brain and body enhancements promise bold future

June 09 2008 / by futuretalk / In association with Future
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By Dick Pelletier

Scientists predict that over the next three decades, technologies will bring about enormous changes in our physical and mental abilities. By as early as 2035, experts say, we could be living in a powerful disease-free, youthful body with tiny nanobots roaming throughout every cell maintaining optimum performance levels for all our daily activities.

Nano-enforced bones and polymer muscles will empower us with physical abilities almost beyond belief. We could outrun a horse, jump from the ground to a one-story roof, and focus our eyes to view microscopic creatures as small as dust mites. Cutting edge brain enhancements will provide even more super-abilities. We will control lights, security systems, and electronics with just our thoughts, and even perceive objects behind solid walls.

Intellectual property expert Fred Hapgood predicts that we will also enjoy “cell phone implants (which allow virtual telepathy) and memory backups (downloading memory to a computer disk) will also become available in this bold future”. Hapgood adds that it may be possible to upload and download entire minds in and out of bodies, achieving a sort of immortality.

Many of these abilities, experts say, are a long way off, but none are thought to be impossible. Most people embrace enhancements that would make them healthier, happier, and more able, but a few conservatives oppose this radical progress as not being “human.”

Ignoring this future though, may not be an option. If co-workers, friends, or competitors can search the Internet during conversations; remember exactly who said what, when and where; or control machines with just their thoughts, the only choice may be to join them or retire. The corporate world will definitely favor a neurotech-enhanced workforce in the future. (cont.)

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